Lead Generation

Digital Jugglers is a fastest growing MNC with 5 years of experience in India and now with a floating branch in Canada as well. Being the best digital marketing company, we make you thrive and find the best opportunities for your brand through our latest media targeting techniques and newest developments.  And as all the market around us has chosen to go digital, we provide a vigorous combination of digital marketing strategies with a generous splash of innovative blend in technology.

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    Why Lead Generation?

    Lead Generation is a marketing process of creating interest among potential customers for the purpose driven results. There may be multiple purposes like stimulating the users to fill up the form, contact directly through mail or call, walk directly into the store, or many others, all are done with the ultimate aim of attracting the potential customers to avail product or service that you offer. Lead Generation is done with the aim to improve revenue and reduce overhead costs. 

    There is no. of ways through leads can be generated. Let’s have a look at them!!

    Website Forms

    Leads can be generated through website forms in exchange for some valuable information like an e-Book, newsletter, video, etc.

    Google Ads

    These are the targeted ads run on Google which the potential customers can see, and clicking them directs on the website or landing page where several other tactics are employed to capture leads. These ads are based on the important keywords. The good part of these ads is, the business has to pay only when a potential customer clicks it.

    Direct E-mails

    Direct E-mails can be sent to the prospects to capture their attention.

    Social Media Lead Ads

    Today, social media comprises of a large mass of the population. Almost everyone is present in it. On an average, a person spends 5-6 hours interacting with their friends and family, along with it, they also share opinions regarding different ongoing issues and not to forget their sincere reviews or experience about brands which may be positive and negative too.
    So, social media serves as a great platform for lead generation. Along with it, several contests can be run on the pages like stimulating the users to upload the pic, answer some question, refer a friend and several others, which is actually a fun way to attract the potential customers.


    The other content ideas that can be used to attract leads include blogging, newsletters, videos, webinars, free demos and trials, and pop-up forms.

    Why Choose Us?

    Nowadays, due to the shift of markets to an online platform, competition has gone to another level. There are so many products in the market, which arises the need to showcase the unique feature(s) of your product or service that are convincing enough to pull your potential customers to you. 85% of expert marketers say that lead generation marketing is most important in the marketing arsenal. If you are not doing lead generation, you are missing out on a major chunk of your potential revenue.
    Digital Jugglers develops unique marketing campaigns for their clients with the usage of most searched keywords, relevant and attractive content and creatives to ensure the ads reach to the maximum audience. So, if you are aiming to reach out to the maximum of your targeted audience and looking to give a right kick to your business, Digital Jugglers is the perfect solution. It provides you the best lead generation service in Edmonton.