PPC/CPC Advertising

Digital Jugglers is a fastest growing MNC with 5 years of experience in India and now with a floating branch in Canada as well. Being the best digital marketing company, we make you thrive and find the best opportunities for your brand through our latest media targeting techniques and newest developments.  And as all the market around us has chosen to go digital, we provide a vigorous combination of digital marketing strategies with a generous splash of innovative blend in technology.

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    What is PPC/CPC??

    PPC/CPC Branding is an online advertising model focused on driving traffic to the website with the usage of appropriate keywords and the most cost-effective advertisements. PPC stands for pay-per-click and CPC stands for cost-per-click. What happens is, when PPC ad is run, it is run with the usage of proper keywords & phrases, and using the bidding system. Forbidding, the advertiser bids over search engine to get the ad to appear on the top 3 results. It’s a great way to appear among the search results when a user searches over search engine by using related keywords. Or in other words, to say, it is a way to appear inorganically in the search results. Display ads are also run on same advertising model. It is run on the appropriate keywords and cookies (stored in the web browser from the user’s previous search over search engine).

    These advertisements are directed towards bringing traffic to the website. Once, a searcher clicks on the ad, he/she is directed to the landing page of the website. The good part of these ads is, the business has to pay only if it is clicked. Even if it is clicked many times, remember a thing, it’s always good for a user to land on your website rather than the cost you are paying.A robust PPC Campaign is necessary to drive traffic to your website and draw successful results. Digital Jugglers ensures you get right PPC Advertising in Edmonton, which is why we lay proper strategy before running the CPC Ads or CPC Advertisements. We bid CPC Ads for our clients using the most appropriate keywords and phrases. We ensure that the PPC Advertising in Edmonton that we provide prove cost-effective and fruitful.